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Update by user Dec 12, 2014

So since writing this review - I also wrote to them on Facebook (This is definitely where I have received the most competent and speedy replies).

I had a response saying that my items were just delayed and that I would definitely still be getting them.

They also credited my points balance with 500 points and refunded my shipping.

I am more than happy with the response - it's nice to finally get one which isn't infuriating...

HOPEFULLY they will be true to their word and my items will still be mailed to me.

My account has already been credited with the 500 points, now a waiting game for the order to come through. Fingers crossed

Original review posted by user Dec 12, 2014

After my most recent online order I will NEVER use Sephora again - not that it will make a dint in their huge profits.

I ordered my items on December 2nd, making sure I spent enough to become a VIB by the end of the year.

My items were scheduled for delivery December 11th. About 4 days before the scheduled delivery date I checked the tracking information to find that the item had not even been shipped yet. I email customer service to get a very generic reply stating that my 'items were in transit and that they would be with me on December 11' - I sent a few responses - each time receiving a reply from a different representative - maybe if you could contact just one representative I might have had more luck. I tried explaining to each person that maybe if they took the time to actually look and track my item they would see that it hadnt even been mailed - obviously the customer service team was unable / to lazy to do this!

December 11th arrives - after about 10 emails all telling me the same BS about my item being in transit - surprise surprise - no mail! I call them, the 'lady' on the phone tells me that my item is DEFINITELY on the way - be patient and wait till I get home from work tonight and call back tomorrow. At this point I am running out of patience with these guys! I get home from work - surprise surprise item has still not been delivered - I email them this time - I dont see why I should waste my call time - and I receive a reply at 9PM telling me that my item was in transit and will be delivered on the 11th. IT IS THE ELEVENTH - can this one not even check the date???

It's now the 12th - I have phoned Sephora and they have now changed their story - my item was NEVER shipped.

WOW - so I was right all week??? My items are now out of stock - they are going to issue a refund - in 7 to 10 business days.

So in summary - they will have held on to my $50 for over 20 days by the time I am refunded. My items (Christmas presents) will now never arrive and I now have to summon up a spare $50 from somewhere to replace them.

I now no longer make VIB status as I had been trying before the year end. And I get no compensation at all??!?

The customer service is disgusting and extremely frustrating. I am now willing to pay extra to get my make up and skin care from anywhere BUT sephora.

Merry Christmas Sephora - you have as good as ruined mine.

Review about: Sephora Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Service, Delivery, Lazy workers.

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Worst customers service

Racial profiling

Follows all minorities around

Has employees watch

Even had a $453 return that they got upset about I had my RECEIPT


You let Sephora ruin your holiday?

Painesville, Ohio, United States #922921

Thank you for sharing your Sephora nightmare and i am somewhat glad you are happy with the final outcome. My Christmas experience is very similar, and all over a $100 gift card for my niece, that still is showing a tracking number that is invalid.

I called several times about this, of course always someone different on the other end. Sure, they took my money immediately and sent the email saying my item had shipped when clearly it hadn't.

And then with each call i made, they blamed the post office for not updating their tracking information - really Sephora ? Really, lol ??

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