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Do not buy from sephora!!I made a order online 12/10 it came today 12/17 and the only thing in the box was the samples!!

The Tarte palette was the only item i ordered and they didn't put the 1 item in the box?? I called and now its out of stock until next year??

The packing slips always have check offs of the items packed and are signed by the packer...not this time blank??So I would say the packer has sticky fingers and was covering their tracks..They just lost another VIB ROUGE member!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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New York, New York, United States #945740

Me too I placed a online order and I was missing my limited edition Everything's nice pallette.The packer didn't sign my slip either? I think that's odd that packages missing items just happen to be the ones that don't get signed by the packer.I hope you got a refund.I have been waiting since before Christmas for mine.


This could happen at any retailer. I'm guessing that you didn't have a problem getting a refund; Sephora CS is generally excellent. I don't think this warrants telling others not to shop there.

to Veronica Aurora, Colorado, United States #1272437

Since September 2016 Sephora's customer service has gone way down hill.I was charged two months in a row for my subscription box but never received the boxes.

CS cancelled my subscription and I have been waiting for 5 months for a refund of $20. As a customer of Sephora's for over a decade I have never had problems but as I look online there have been thousands of stories similar to my own recently and it seems lots of people's banking information has been compromised by Sephora's system. They are also tied up in multiple lawsuits as we speak, some of which allege racial profiling being a factor in blocking people from online sales and some over obtaining payments but never shipping the products. If you have not had issues recently with Sephora, consider yourself lucky.


Mountain View, California, United States #917515

Thanks for that info. I saw sephora advertised on mocospace and was seriously going to order a few things but not now. It seems like everything on mocospace is listed somewhere as a scam.

to ***edthe***off #945694

??? Sephora is not a "scam." What a bizarre comment.

to Ana Aurora, Colorado, United States #1272439

Sephora online has actually been scamming international orders and is involved in lawsuits for it. If you have ordered anything from Sephora online since September of 2016 you should check your bank statements to make sure you were charged correctly and that no unusual charges have come out of your account since. People have not been being refunded for missing and damaged products and many customers had their banking information compromised from their Web site.

to Ana #1272442

Actually, Sephora has been scamming customers who order online.There are a ton of people saying they did not receive what they ordered but we're charged and Sephora has refused to issue refunds.

Just do a little research.Sephora online IS a scam.

to ***edthe***off Aurora, Colorado, United States #1272447

Sephora online is a scam.Look at reviews.

The company has poor customer service and does not honor their own return/exchange policy. They stole money from lots of people. Bank and credit accounts got hacked from the site this Winter. Sephora is not issuing refunds.

Do not shop there if you can help it.Try ipsy or Birchbox or ultra instead.

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